Taking Refuge in Ohl

The party takes refuge from a storm and from the black shadow-creatures in a long-abandoned village.

  • Encounter Gnoll who claims to be running from his own packmates, who attacked him after talking to large monster
  • Gnoll leaves east
  • Gnoll packmates arrive, follow after
  • Continue on
  • Continued on
  • Sky darkened again, many shadow creatures seen
  • Ran into crumbling building, barricaded door
  • Fought shadow creatures in the building
  • Saw glowing trapdoor, opened to find undead warlock
  • Destroyed warlock, shut door, camped in building (Orc pillages dead body)
  • Orc has vision of elven army firing arrows, orc horde charging, wakes to find arrowhead in chest
  • Ferrin has vision, stumbles to the ground



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