The Gnoll Pack

The party, caught up in a dust storm, encounters a pack of vicious gnolls on the Memen Road.

  • Explored basement, sunrod found in old book
  • Explored town, nothing else significant found
  • Quiown finds marker, proclaims town to be Ohl
  • Continue on
  • bad dust storm arises
  • Encounter four very large Gnoll who claim they are fighting humans, tell us our sashes are Humans’ color
  • Fight large Gnolls, defeat 3, one disappears
  • See many more torches through the fog to N,W,S
  • Head off road to east
  • See huge battle encampment
  • As we approach, encampment changes to Gith camp
  • Gith welcome us, seem to know nothing of our troubles
  • Gith elder takes us aside, asks if we need anything
  • Elder tells Seline the stars speak only of us
  • Return to road



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