The Stone Juggernaut

Returning to the Memen Road, Quiown appears ill, falling behind the party. It is decided to make camp, to allow everyone to recover. Ferrin takes first watch, as as usual. He finds it difficult to rouse Quiown for the next watch, and uses a healing spell upon him. Quiown awakes and waves off Ferrin, indicating that he is fine to take watch.

The next morning, Seline awakes to find everyone sleeping. Seline wakes Ferrin, and asks what happened. Ferrin explains about Quiown, who is clearly suffering. Ferrin heals Quiown again, who awakes and understands what has happened. Quiown walks off into the grass with little explanation. Xhwl stealthily follows Quiown, and later tells the others that Quiown shot several birds out of the air. Quiown returns to camp with blood on his hands, looking somewhat better. He indicates that the party should resume its travels.

The party continues northeast along the road, and as they travel, Quiown appears restored to his former health. Three days pass without incident.

On the evening of the third day, the party sees a cloud of dust appear on the horizon, coupled with a low rumbling. Each member takes position in or near a tree off each side of the road. As the cloud nears, it is revealed to be a huge stone wagon of sorts, nearly as wide as the road, over ten feet tall, and twice as long. It is cloaked in blue and black lightning, and there appears to be a rider on top.

Once the stone wagon comes alongside Orc, he can see that it is being followed and attacked by a shadow beast. He wastes no time attacking it, and it responds by spawning small shadows, which come at him.

With the shadow beast engaged, the party comes together to fight it. Throughout the battle, the beast continues to pursue the wagon, which never slows. Xhwl attempts to flag down the rider, but to no avail. No sooner is the first shadow destroyed than another appears, also in pursuit, this one as large as a man. The party takes on the new enemy as well, and defeat it after a long battle. Orc, the closest to the retreating wagon, chases after it. The rider never slows, but tosses a staff down to Orc before disappearing over the horizon.

Orc returns to the party with the staff, a clearly magical item. Orc shows the staff to Quiown, who appears somewhat impressed, and keeps it. Orc, seeing little value in a long stick, allows it.

Darkness quickly descending, the party sets up camp, and settles down to rest for an uneventful evening.

Ferrin’s Dream

Ferrin is in the palace of his god. The halls are empty, clearly abandoned for countless centuries. He wanders the passageways before coming to the throne room entrance. The doors are blocked by spiderwebs, thin as smoke, yet completely impenetrable.

The party continues on the next day. In the late afternoon, they approach the edge of a river gorge. Looking across the 30-foot expanse, the road clearly continues on the other side. There is no evidence of a bridge within sight, and there is a sheer drop of 60 feet down to the river.

Seeing no clear way across, the party makes camp for the night.

Side Story: The Siege of Ohl

Valentine Stive and Iain Rone gather near the Anchor, an obelisk which interferes with magic use in the area. We were sent by our master to secure the area and destroy a device which is attached to the Anchor, and is preventing him from teleporting in.

Scouting the area, we find six human guards near their two caravans, as well as three stone-and-metal men standing near the Anchor, which is in the middle of a large road. After a long skirmish, we defeat the six guards. Throughout the battle and after, the stone men ignore us. Exploring the caravans we find a box made of two metal plates, between which is a complex arrangement of glass tubes filled with strange liquids. We take the box a short distance away and smash the glass.

After some intense lightning, our master appears on the road. He is a human in black and red robes, holding a long staff topped with a broken orb. The stone men, still until now, turn toward our master and take battle positions.

Our master teleports to our location and orders us to deal with the stone men. After another short battle, two are destroyed. Our master binds one with magic chains, stating that he is leaving it to guard the anchor, and for the Artificer to see what he’s dealing with, as well as to make better guards in the future.

We then walk an hour northeast along the road. Eventually, our master consults a map, and indicates that we are heading for a town called Ohl, a day or two walk from here. With a wrenching sensation, we all teleport to Ohl.

We are tracking an enemy of our master, a “hero”. Our master tells us to talk to the prisoners in pillories near the gallows to find out where he is. When we approach the prisoners, the local guards are alarmed. We attack them, which leads to an angry mob attacking us. We massacre all who stand against us, Iain slaying a score at once with a fireball. Before they die, the prisoners tell us the hero is in the basement of the tavern.

We head into the tavern basement, where 20 people, including women and children, are meeting. Our master states that we are searching for Helsmianon, a changeling, who could be any one of them. After threatening and cajoling them, Iain begins to cast a spell to kill them. Helsmianon moves with superhuman speed and stops him. Our master lets everyone else go.

Our master, Teuf, binds Helsmianon with magic chains. Helsmianon says Teuf will never get what he wants, and Teuf strongly disagrees. Teuf lays a mighty curse upon Helsmianon.

The Gnoll Pack

The party, caught up in a dust storm, encounters a pack of vicious gnolls on the Memen Road.

  • Explored basement, sunrod found in old book
  • Explored town, nothing else significant found
  • Quiown finds marker, proclaims town to be Ohl
  • Continue on
  • bad dust storm arises
  • Encounter four very large Gnoll who claim they are fighting humans, tell us our sashes are Humans’ color
  • Fight large Gnolls, defeat 3, one disappears
  • See many more torches through the fog to N,W,S
  • Head off road to east
  • See huge battle encampment
  • As we approach, encampment changes to Gith camp
  • Gith welcome us, seem to know nothing of our troubles
  • Gith elder takes us aside, asks if we need anything
  • Elder tells Seline the stars speak only of us
  • Return to road
Taking Refuge in Ohl

The party takes refuge from a storm and from the black shadow-creatures in a long-abandoned village.

  • Encounter Gnoll who claims to be running from his own packmates, who attacked him after talking to large monster
  • Gnoll leaves east
  • Gnoll packmates arrive, follow after
  • Continue on
  • Continued on
  • Sky darkened again, many shadow creatures seen
  • Ran into crumbling building, barricaded door
  • Fought shadow creatures in the building
  • Saw glowing trapdoor, opened to find undead warlock
  • Destroyed warlock, shut door, camped in building (Orc pillages dead body)
  • Orc has vision of elven army firing arrows, orc horde charging, wakes to find arrowhead in chest
  • Ferrin has vision, stumbles to the ground
The Wrecked Wagon
  • Camped around caravan
  • Attacked by giant millipedes and beetle swarms
  • Continued on
  • Strange lightning coursed over our heads in the direction we were walking
  • Found marker for Teber
  • Sky turned dark as night, attacked by shadow creatures
  • Camped
  • Ferrin Darrowheed has vision of walking in water
Coming Together
Game One
  • Party met outside stone structure
  • Humanoid came out, told us all to go to Teber, gave us blue sashes
  • Began walking
  • Came across overturned Dwarven caravan
  • Found a dead body under lead coach, allowed Ferrin Darrowheed to administer rites

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